Following, both failed to argue once again, in the event Zoey very first disapproved from Lola's reference to Vince Blake

Following, both failed to argue once again, in the event Zoey very first disapproved from Lola's reference to Vince Blake

Zoey Brooks (Friend)

Lola met Zoey whenever she learned that she is actually the girl the fresh roommate, she initially pretended to get other and ended up scary Zoey when she told her on her acting, Zoey and you may Lola's 2nd roommate Nicole Bristow, decided to imagine having a battle to prove to help you Lola that they you can expect to act too. Lola and you can Zoey got one conflict on the series, which had been regarding 12 months step 3 occurrence Skip PCA if the a few dropped over to successful a pageant. They truly became close friends and you can offered both in the series, and you can was in fact typically with her. Lola supported Zoey when Pursue are implicated regarding cheat facing Zoey in the movie, Springtime Crack-Up and Lola tried to assist Zoey whenever she revealed the girl sweetheart, that is the dean's son, rigged a raffle very Zoey you are going to profit, regardless if she didn't faith their and went however, soon learned the scenario and you will left him making up with Lola. They certainly were close friends through the Season cuatro and barely argued.

Dustin Brooks (Friend)

For example Zoey, Lola can be seen to demonstrate concern to have Dustin. However, instead of Zoey, she also appears to let you know certain aggression with the your out of day so you're able to big date, such as for instance in Choose Strings, when Zoey told her she wished the woman to-be Dustin's skill show secretary, Lola said she didn't need to, and additional "Eww." Nevertheless, Lola and Dustin get along fine having him (along with the rest out of his degrees) viewing the woman once the prettiest girl at school.

Pursue Matthews (Close friend)

Chase are a common associate out of Lola using Zoey. On occurrence Lola Loves Pursue, Lola expanded an excellent smash towards the him, and additionally they had you to day, but decided they certainly were better off given that members of the family. Lola is thrilled abreast of learning Chase got came back away from London from inside the Chasing Zoey, and you will went as much as hugging him. Particularly Michael, the guy matters as one of Lola's most readily useful guy family relations.

Quinn Pensky (Best friend)

Lola and you will Quinn don't really spend time until immediately following Nicole remaining PCA and you will Quinn turned Zoey and you may Lola's roomie. They soon turned best friends and are also almost always viewed with her. They actually do provides the disputes eg inside the Outrage Administration where Quinn help Lola consume a complete plate of nuts, even though they is in her mouth area. Also, from inside the On the job an effective Blix Van, Lola kissed Quinn's sweetheart, Draw Del Figgalo, so you're able to breeze the lady out-of her laughing match, resulting Quinn dealing with Lola. They might be always there per almost every other and also employing budding characters it be able to become Zoey's closest confidants. Even if Quinn was very sciency, it still build prime members of the family.

Nicole Bristow (Close friend)

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Nicole is next people Lola fulfilled at the PCA and her next roommate. Lola and you can Nicole almost always got along rather than fell aside. Lola assisted Nicole tackle the lady obsession out-of guys and you will work on her school work significantly more by the hypnotizing the girl. Nicole and you may Lola became friends and you will offered each other during 12 months 2. When Nicole remaining, she never had exposure to Lola when you're She was at Malibu People University.

Michael Barret (Friend)

Michael are among Lola's best friends throughout the lady go out from the PCA. They became good friends and you will offered each other all throughout 12 months 2, 12 months 3 and you may 12 months cuatro. They never contended and got collectively for hours on end. About season dos episode, Lola Wants Chase, Michael told you she is actually gorgeous and you may smokin'. In addition to, during the Bad Woman, Michael thought Lola liked your and you can hoped to at least one big date go out the girl. Because it seems, Lola are nearer having Michael and you may Chase than just this woman is which have Dustin and you will Logan.

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