Beat Wagering Requirements - Make the Casino's Terms Work for You

Beat Wagering Requirements - Make the Casino's Terms Work for You

How to Calculate Wagering Requirements

100 deposit bonus

This formula works for most casino bonuses, including welcome or match promotions. Let's say you claim a 100% match bonus of $50, with a 30X wagering requirement. Using the equation above, you plug the numbers in [($50) X (30)] and find you would have to wager $1,500 before you could withdraw any winnings from the casino.

Some online casinos will require players to include their initial deposit in the wagering requirements. We can still find our total bet amount for this sticky bonus, by including our first deposit in the formula above:

Using our earlier example, we find that by adding our bonus amount and initial deposit and then multiplying that by our wagering requirement, we'll have to wager $3,000. Or: $50 + $50 = $100, $100 X 30 = $3,000.

If a casino bonus has more complicated stipulations, we recommend using a wagering requirement calculator. There are loads available online for free that can do the sums for you.

Wagering requirements can feel like the online casinos have manipulated bonuses to be stacked in their favor. However shrewd bettors know that by understanding the function of a wagering requirement, they too can manipulate the terms to their benefit.

The best way to beat wagering requirements is through smarts. By understanding how an online casino wants its wagering requirements to function, bettors can spot tricks to make the terms work more in their favor. To give our players the upper hand, we've compiled a short guide to finding opportunity in wagering requirements:

This is where casino sites list their wagering requirements. Read these carefully and look for terms like time restrictions and minimum deposit requirements that will affect your total bet amount.

Some online casinos prefer bettors play certain games over others. To encourage this, they'll reduce the percentage of wagers specific games contribute towards the wagering requirements. Again, comparing casinos' conditions can help you find which gambling site offers the best bonus for your gameplay.

Give yourself the best chance of winning real money by playing with the casinos that dish out winnings most often. You can easily find this information in casino reviews and on the casino's site.

Some online casinos will only dish out bonuses for certain payment methods. Players should look for this info in the terms and conditions, else they risk losing their casino bonus or spending more on processing fees.

What About No Wager Casinos?

These online gambling sites offer casino bonuses with few or no wagering requirements. Players may seek them out in the hopes of free bonuses, big jackpots, and zero conditions, but there are some factors to consider.

Players can potentially collect winnings without meeting a total bet amount, but no wager casinos still require them to make deposits. Bonuses for no wager casinos are usually much smaller in comparison to bonuses from gambling sites that add wagering requirements. Free credit is still valuable though, and you can still turn a profit with a legit no wager casino.

Now you know the basics, you're ready to bet. Check out our list of the best casino bonuses available and get playing straight away.

Players must use casino bonuses on games if they want to make any cash, but these promotions also include terms that can affect how much players collect. Always check for wagering requirements before depositing money; the lower, the better. Casino bonuses usually have game contributions attached to wagering requirements, i.e, blackjack has a 50% contribution, while slots have 100%. That means blackjack players would have to bet double the amount compared to slot players to meet the wagering requirements of the casino bonus. Ultimately, these terms will influence how much money players win.

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