Azazel and Rias' dating actually obvious, even so they appear to have a friendly relationship with both

Azazel and Rias' dating actually obvious, even so they appear to have a friendly relationship with both

Xenovia was Rias' previous 2nd Knight. In the first place into the opposite corners once they very first met, Xenovia informed Rias and her servants one to she's going to strike them off as long as they restrict this lady purpose. Even though they been able to create a shared alliance once they experienced a familiar adversary in the form of Kokabiel. Xenovia eventually inserted Rias' peerage however, considered whether or not she produced an effective error. She's now a loyal and you may reliable servant including buddy from Rias however, she considers the lady as a relationship competitor as the she began attempting to possess Issei's college students and soon arranged personal feelings for Issei due to the fact series moves on.

Irina Shidou

Irina isn’t a person in Rias' peerage it is area of your Angel's member of your own Allied Pushes and that's a great member of Michael's Courageous Saints. Such as for example Xenovia, Irina was also originally thought to be a possible opponent up against Rias however, got little to no animosity toward Devil. Irina could have perhaps bared an excellent grudge whenever Xenovia had joined the woman nevertheless these ideas was indeed soon moved pursuing the comfort pact and you will training the reason why Xenovia remaining. Now the fresh new both of them mutually consider one another friends but Rias together with notices Irina as a competitor since she is Issei's youth buddy who has had a beneficial crush into Issei since these people were little, nowadays intimately in love with your. Once dealing with Irina throughout the this lady childhood which have Issei, both end up being better, as Rias no further addresses Irina with an honorific.

Gasper Vladi

Rias' first Bishop. Given that their efforts had been unpredictable prior to the series, he had been sealed throughout the Academy by Rias, and was not seen once more up until Volume cuatro of the white novels. Rias cares to have Gasper such as a little aunt, taking annoyed at Khaos Brigade to possess kidnapping and ultizing your as the a tool inside comfort treaty between the Around three Groups. Rias is actually proven to service their need to save your self their young people buddy Valerie Tepes, while the she visited Romania herself in order to discover the new origins out of Gasper's strange efforts and condition with regards towards the Municipal War one of many vampires. Gasper sees Rias once the a mature sister style of profile and it has began dealing with this lady while the so after she finished and you will was no more the fresh bar president.


Rossweisse is Rias' previous 2nd Rook who is very faithful in order to the girl. The have been currently partners some time in advance of she became Rias' servant but their relationship simply very come whenever Rias showed this lady a beneficial package describing how much cash good reincarnated Devil carry out earn perks she perform located. Which strike a certain cord to the Rossweisse one appealed in order to her economic eccentricity. The woman is plus a relationship rival since the she dropped crazy having Issei in Frequency 17, when she questioned Rias' consent to own Issei to do something because the woman date facing her granny, Rias desired it but not hesitantly. Rias shows high trust in Rossweisse's efficiency, so much in fact one to she experienced it actually was best to transfer their in order to Issei's peerage.

Ravel Phenex

She's Riser's young brother, and now have several other competition to have Issei's like whenever she moved from inside the with your in Volume 10 of light novels. She does not attention provided this woman is having him. Both are extremely somewhat intimate since seen when they organized good rematch anywhere between Rias' and you will Riser's peerages over teas.


not, Rias gets mad in the Azazel just in case the guy spends Issei due to the fact an enthusiastic fresh subject or brings him ideas to remove their virginity, but do frequently continue to have a great reference to him.

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